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Communications Coordinator

Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce
Job Description
Position is responsible for communications workflow and production for all internal and external communications as well as the implementation of marketing and communications strategies for the Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce. Communication functions include but are not limited to quarterly newsletters, publications articles, resource guide, web-based initiatives, social media for all programs, video and photography projects, community relations, preparing committee agenda and minutes, and assisting with committee research and projects as directed.
  • Acts as manager and coordinator for all Chamber Communications tools.
  • Coordinates advertising for publications and website to meet financial requirements for printing and publishing.
  • Develop and maintain keywords for use in indexing content and optimizing search engines.
  • Develop and maintain communications activity reports on web-based and social media usage, advertisement electronic communications, analyzing effectiveness and ROI.
  • Plans and coordinates communication plan of assigned Chamber events, programs, and initiatives, including sponsorship solicitation, pre-event advertising and social media, video and photography during event, and post event survey, and re-cap on social media sites and web.
  • Develop and manage strategy for member satisfaction, including the dissemination of member surveys and opinion polls.
  • Coordinates media coverage for major events and prepares press releases.
  • Coordinates all in-kind trade for events including contracts, commercials, and the sponsors’ benefits for trade.
  • Written communication for journals, etc., and legislative, advocacy papers, and research.
  • Coordinate assigned activities as directed by Strategic / Business Plan.
  • Provide monthly communication report and products for presentation in the Executive Committee and Board of Directors packet.
  • Provide required detailed monthly communication report to President /CEO.
  • May participates in training conferences as directed by the President / CEO. This may include some evenings, weekends and overnight travel.
  • Provides coordination, direction and support to the following committees:
  •  - Marketing Task Force

  • Other committees/ programs as assigned by the President / CEO

Physical Requirements
  • This position requires a person who can stand, sit at desk or computer terminal, drive a car, lift boxes, load and unload materials for events, deliver materials, and climb stairs
Qualifications/Skills Required with 4+ years experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Communications or Public Relations.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Strong working knowledge of social media platforms and website development / SEO
  • Excellent organizational and strong creativity.
  • Ability to efficiently handle multi-tasked operations
  • Strong general computer skills as well as proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook
  • Ability to work with team
  • Positive attitude and confidence in communicating the mission of the organization
  • Willing to be flexible with regard to business hours and accepting new responsibilities
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